Natural Products Metabolomics Lab @ Sookmyung Women's University

Our lab has been fortunate enough to receive several grants to cover the costs for our researches.
Here are some organizations we are most grateful to and acknowledge.

Ongoing Projects:

대사유전체학 기반의 국내 자생 진균 유래 천연물 발굴 (Metabologenomics-based natural product discovery from Korean fungi)
우수신진연구 (Young Scientist Grants Outstanding Track) #2020R1C1C1004046
Mar 2020 - Feb 2025

근육피지옴연구센터 (Muscle Physiome Research Center)
초의과학연구센터 (Medical Research Center) #2022R1A5A2021216
June 2022 - Feb 2029

대사체 데이터 품질선도센터 (The Center for Metabolomics Data Quality and Curation)
다부처 국가생명연구자원 선진화사업 (Bio & Medical Technology Development Program) #2022M3H9A2096191
Jul 2022 - Dec 2026

생리활성 모노테르펜 인돌 알칼로이드 발굴을 위한 협력적 식물대사체학 연구 (Collaborative plant metabolomics for discovery of bioactive monoterpene indole alkaloids)
한-프랑스 협력기반 조성사업 (Korea-France Cooperative Development Program) #2021K1A3A21038059
Oct 2021 - Oct 2024
*International collaboration with Prof. Mehdi Beniddir (Université Paris-Saclay)

체이물 대사산물의 생리적 영향 규명을 위한 기능대사체학 플랫폼 구축 연구 (Establishing a functional metabolomics platform to reveal biological effects of human xenobiotic metabolites)
한-독 R&D 네트워크 프로그램(Korea-Germany R&D Network Program)
Jan 2023 - Dec 2023
*International collaboration with Dr. Daniel Petras (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

한약(생약)제제 품질평가 기술개발 연구 (Development of techniques for herbal medicine product quality evaluation)
출연연구과제 (MFDS Research Grant) #21173MFDS561
Feb 2021 - Dec 2023

Finished Projects:

대사체 분석 기법을 활용한 구멍장이버섯과 담자균류의 신규 생리활성물질 탐색
(Bioactive natural product discovery from Polyporaceae mushrooms based on metabolites profiling)
기본연구 (General Grants) #2019R1F1A1058068
Jun 2019 - May 2020

한약제제 주성분에 대한 성분프로파일 연구 (Study on chemical profile of Korean herbal medicines)
용역연구과제 (MFDS Research Grant) #19172MFDS192
Feb 2019 - Dec 2021

육두구의 안전성평가 연구 (Safety evaluation of nutmeg)
용역연구과제 (MFDS Research Grant) #20182MFDS224
Feb 2020 - Dec 2021